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Dr William Stevens

It looks as if Microsoft has a new operating system available, and this one may actually be a little bit better than the last one they came out. I'm always a little bit nervous about upgrading my operating system, as I depend upon my computer to make sure that I am up and running at all times. That being said, however, there are some good points to the new Microsoft platform that I am considering, and it looks as if I may upgrade.

I don't know why I need to be so indecisive about these things, but if you have been around computers for any number of years, you will remember quite a few blunders that can certainly lend to the fact that I'm having a difficult time deciding. One of the first blunders that I can remember is Windows ME. This is one of those turn of the century products that promised to be something that was really awesome, but ended up flopping terribly. In itself, the operating system wasn't all that bad but I think that the main problem is the fact that it tended to be too simplistic. Many people were beginning to progress beyond needing such a simple operating system. Interestingly enough, a friend of mine just recently got rid of a computer that was still running Windows ME.

Windows XP was a fairly decent operating system and although there were some people that didn't like it, I never really had any problems with it at all. The only problem that I really had with the operating system is the fact that it stuck around for so long that it ended up seeming outdated. It still ran all of the programs that I needed it to run, being the most updated version but there were so many different things that could've been done with the operating system that were left until later time. That is why I was so excited whenever Vista came into view.

Microsoft Vista was very exciting for me, as I thought that was finally an update that would give me everything that was necessary. I never ended up installing Vista on my PC, but I did buy a laptop that had it preinstalled. The problem with the laptop is the fact that it had less than one gig of memory, so as you can imagine, it barely ran at all. This is due to the fact that Vista was such a memory hog, which is one of the main reasons why people hated it.

Although the jury is still slightly out on Windows 7, I have not heard much bad about it. Although there are always going to be people that complain about operating systems, the vast majority of people like the interface and how easy it is to use. So what you think? Should I upgrade my operating system or should I stick with XP which is run just fine on my computer for quite a few years? I think I'll upgrade, hopefully it will work well for me.

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